Welcome to Stevenage

The STEM City of the Future


20 mins to London

Just twenty minutes by train to London
Kings Cross / St Pancras

3 airports within 1 hour

Access to three International airports
in less than 1 hour

+8m skilled people

Access to over 8m+ highly skilled
workforce within 1 hour

4 Top 10 Universities

Easy access to 4 of the World's
top 10 ranked universities

"As the UK’s first New Town Stevenage was founded on innovation, with a pioneering approach that set a blueprint for building new communities across the UK and Europe."

World Class Business Destination

Stevenage is a world class business destination, offering a highly competitive business environment for businesses to grow and succeed. With excellent transport infrastructure and connectivity to London, the UK and globally, access to a highly skilled and talented workforce and superb accommodation and support facilities, it is the destination of choice for many. 

Stevenage is home to global giants including, Airbus Defence and Space, Fujitsu, GSK and MBDA. It is home to the third largest global Cell and Gene Therapy Life Sciences Cluster, through activities at Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst and the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult. Stevenage is emerging as a location of global significance for life sciences and ripe for investment. Home to the ExoMars Rover with key activities aligned to the Mars Mission, Stevenage is the beating heart of the space industry.

Pioneering location with innovation at the heart of its economy

Stevenage is the UK’s first New Town, a pioneering location, with innovation at the heart of its economy.

It is home to the UK’s first Open Innovation Bioscience Campus.

Stevenage is part of the R&D ‘Golden Triangle’ for life sciences, including London, Oxford and Cambridge. It is home to GSK’s global R&D Centre and Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst “open innovation” Incubator and Accelerator facility. 

Activities at Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst and the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult have placed Stevenage at the heart of the UK’s Biosciences and Life Science’s capabilities. This has directly resulted in Stevenage being designated as one of the UK’s six Life Science Opportunity Zones and of global significance for the UK Life Sciences Vision for the next 10 years. Stevenage is key for GSK’s future growth ambitions and will support Europe’s largest science park campus. This will unlock further support for the cluster and early stage life science companies, providing additional investment and jobs in the sector.

Top 3 Town/City

for starting up a business


Stevenage has a population of 88,100


of the population at working age (16-64)

World Leader in Science, Technology and Manufacturing

Stevenage hosts many of the UK’s most significant sectors; with world class industry expertise in space science, satellites and defence systems, life sciences, electronics and ICT. It provides a strong ecosystem of leading science, technology and manufacturing companies, alongside major research intensive global economy businesses. Stevenage supports world scientific knowledge assets to  support start-ups and mature companies thrive and grow. 

“Stevenage is the beating heart of Space manufacturing, a world leading industry”

Stevenage is at the forefront of the UK’s space industry, through activities at  Airbus Defence and Space. It is home to the ExoMars Rover, with key activity aligned to the Mars mission, as well as the Solar Obiter programme to investigate the Sun.  25% of all telecommunications satellites to support infrastructure connectivity are manufactured in Stevenage.

Highly entrepreneurial economy with strong business support eco-system

Stevenage has a highly entrepreneurial economy, with a strong ecosystem of business support services helping early stage, high growth start-ups and ambitious scale up businesses to accelerate growth and succeed through flexible and tailored business support, guidance, and training and strong business networks. It is in the top 3 towns and cities for starting up a business, supporting a considerable high number of registered businesses per population. Tech Nation recognise Stevenage as a hot spot for high growth digital companies, providing huge potential for would be investors.

0 %
of Stevenage’s population economically active (ONS 2020)
0 %
of Stevenage residents aged 16-64 in employment (ONS 2020)
of Stevenage residents in employment (ONS 2020)
0 %
of working age population employed within major group 1 in managerial or senior occupations (ONS BRES 2020)
0 %
of people in Stevenage are employed in Professional Occupations (ONS BRES 2020)

Excellent Business Location

Stevenage provides a strong, resilient and vibrant business community with strong business networks and expert support and services. It offers a highly cost effective location, with significantly lower labour and accommodation costs in comparison to London and surrounding areas. 

Stevenage provides superb award winning accommodation in science and technology parks. From lab and incubator space and in-house support services to match, to stunning flexible modern office space in and around the town centre. Also on offer is a diverse array of retail space, including brand new units, as part of town centre regeneration activities. In addition, industrial space and development land for growth, supporting a number of new build opportunities is also available for any growing business or would be investor. 

Stevenage offers a highly attractive and accessible location, with a superb quality of life in an economically strong and green attractive environment, with award winning green spaces and parks.

£ 0 m
awarded from Towns Fund from Central Government
£ 0 m
from private developer to kick start regeneration programme
£ 0 m
investment in leisure, social & lifestyle activities
£ 0 bn+
investment into Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst
£ 0 bn
regeneration programme over a 20 year period - largest scheme in East of England
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