Property & Premises

Stevenage provides start-ups, businesses looking to grow and expand and those aiming to relocate to Stevenage with a superb portfolio of commercial accommodation. This includes:

  • early stage incubation, accelerator space and state of the art lab space with specialised support services
  • stunning open plan office and co-working space to support collaboration
  • retail opportunities in both existing and brand new developments
  • existing and new industrial space within the many well-established business parks
  • new build opportunities within developments located across the town to support a diverse range of uses.


With one of the largest regeneration programmes in the East of England within Stevenage town centre, existing and future development will provide businesses with further start-up space and a wide array of unique opportunities to grow and expand operations.

This includes:

  • High grade office and collaboration space
  • state of the art lab space and amenities to suit
  • retail, food and beverage accommodation
  • along with culture and leisure space to support a vibrant and buoyant town centre economy

We are keen to respond to your business’s changing needs and provide the accommodation that best suits you. 

Support from the Council

Stevenage Regeneration Schemes

Business Technology Centre (BTC)

Key Developments in Stevenage

Commercial Property Support

Accommodation and Venue Hire

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

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