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We can provide you with access to free expert knowledge and local intelligence to assist you successfully locate to Stevenage. This includes research and intelligence on local markets, demographic and labour market analysis, as well as key sector information.

Data to support relocation plans with information on:

Labour Market Data

  • Population of 88,1000 ONS 2020
  • 63% of its population at working age (16-64) ONS 2020
  • 86.3% of Stevenage’s population economically active ONS 2020
  • 81.5% Stevenage residents aged 16-64 in employment ONS 2020
  • 50,000 people in employment ONS 2020
  • Stevenage has 3000+ businesses ONS 2020


  • 50.1% of Stevenage residents are educated to NVQ Level 4 (degree level) and above ONS 2020
  • 82% of Stevenage residents are educated to NVQ Level 2 and above.
  • Access to 200,000 students/university graduates within 70 miles to include London, Oxford, and  Cambridge.

Start-up and Survival rates for start-ups

Stevenage saw a staggering 26.7% rise in new businesses between 2018 and 2019. Across the UK, the increase was only 5.4%. ONS 2019

Stevenage also has a superlative success rate for start-up businesses who survive beyond 5 years. Stevenage’s five-year survival rate for business start-ups is currently 45.54%, whereas the UK average is 42.5%.

Start-up businesses in Stevenage continue to perform above the UK average for survival rates for Years 1 to 4 also, with Year 1 survival rates for start-ups currently at 94.1% compared to 92.2% for the UK. ONS 2019

Stevenage has a considerable high number of registered businesses per population, with 0.62% of the population who run their own business.

4,400 people of working age (16-64) in self-employment ONS 2021

Enterprises by Industry



The largest portion of enterprises in Stevenage specialise in the Construction sector making up 18.0% of all enterprises. This is then followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical sector making up 14.3% of all enterprises in Stevenage.

Gross Domestic Product per head For Stevenage £34,899 2019



  • £2,442 million Gross Value Added to the Stevenage economy 2019
  • £1,632 Million Gross Value Added by the services sector 2020
  • £688 Million Gross Value Added by the production sector 2020
  • £678 Million Gross Value Added by the manufacturing sector 2020
  • £628 Million Gross Value Added by the Manufacture of metals, electrical products and machinery 2020



Local markets

  • 53.4% of Stevenage’s working age population is employed within major group 1 and employed in managerial and senior occupations ONS BRES 2020
  • 24.3% of people in Stevenage are employed in Professional Occupations ONS BRES 2020
  • 6,000 of people in Stevenage are employed Professional, Scientific and Technical sector ONS BRES 2020

Stevenage’s economic growth has been driven by its world class global industries supporting continuing innovation to support global solutions, as well as its highly entrepreneurial and innovative economy and has specialisms in:

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