Regeneration Developent

Ambitious future growth plans are in step to rejuvenate and revitalise Stevenage town centre to ensure it supports a 21st century town centre economy, fit for purpose and one that gives it flexibility to support any future changes it may face. This includes ensuring it makes the most of its excellent transport infrastructure, knowledge assets, world class businesses and superb green spaces.

With one of the one of the largest town centre regeneration schemes in the East of England, in the region of £1bn over a 20 year period and continued private and public sector investment, the town is moving towards an ever vibrant and buoyant town centre economy. This includes securing an initial £350m investment from Mace to support Stevenage with additional shops, housing, bars and restaurants. 

This investment will continue to support the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature of its many independent and national town centre businesses, as well as support an attractive centre for its residents and visitors. The town is set to provide 7,300 new homes by 2028, alongside new retail, sports and leisure facilities. Coupled, with further investment into the town and future planned growth, Stevenage continues to provide a highly competitive environment for existing businesses and those looking to invest in Stevenage.

Train Station

Stevenage train station is ideally located in the heart of its town centre and a gateway to the town’s world class businesses, wider business community, knowledge assets and superb business support facilities. As part of the town centre transformation plans, there are exciting plans to support expansion of the railway, along with additional connectivity, securing its position as a key strategic location for investment and its wider business community.

£37.6m from Future Town Fund

Stevenage has recently been awarded over £37m from central government to further unlock Stevenage’s unique potential, in continuing to further support innovation and growth of its cutting edge national and global businesses. The funding will support the expansion and delivery of skills to support its science based industries and secure investment and the future growth of the town.

The funding will support a number of assets for Stevenage including:

Station Gateway

Investment to vital infrastructure and facilities in and around the station, bringing transformational changes and bringing forward new commercial and residential gateway quarters to support enterprises, residents, investors and visitors to the town. 

Stevenage Innovation and Technology Centre

Investment in state of the art facilities, to provide training and new employment opportunities, with enterprise in the hot seat.

A new National New Towns Heritage Centre

Investment in a facility, celebrating Stevenage’s contribution to its new town status.

Digital Infrastructure and Hyperfast broadband

Investment to secure infrastructure to accelerate new digital technology provision for the Town Centre and Gunnels Wood Road key employment area.

Gunnels Wood Road Infrastructure improvements

Investment into the existing transport infrastructure on Gunnels Wood Road employment area to remove capacity constraints to support new employment development opportunities.

Marshgate Biosciences Campus

Investment in office, lab space and accommodation in the heart of Stevenage town centre in direct response to Stevenage’s global life sciences cluster’s ever increasing growth needs.

Sport & Leisure Hub at Town Centre Gardens

Investment in a state of the art new Sport and Leisure Hub, with a new pool and teaching pool, sports hall, fitness gym and café facilities to encourage health and wellbeing.

Garden Square Commercial & Leisure

Investment in new Garden Square supporting a café culture, along with bars, with co-working space and a boutique hotel, along with accommodation overlooking the square, which will be the venue for all year round outdoor events and activities.  

Recent Investment into the town centre

Stevenage has seen considerable investment in the town centre from private sector investment and continues to partner with national and global developers including Mace, Reef and Co-Space who have multidisciplinary experience in delivering large scale regeneration programmes in the UK and overseas.

Stevenage initially kick started the first phase of its ambitious town centre regeneration programme by partnering with Mace, global construction experts who continue to shape the built environment  to support exemplary builds including Olympic Parks, sky scrapers, data centres and so much more. This initial £350m of investment will go to supporting the delivery of a new plaza, bus station, retail, living accommodation, along with stunning squares and exhibition space in the heart of Stevenage town centre.

Stevenage has partnered with the Reef Group, a leader in retail, leisure, hotel and urban regeneration, development and investment to support the Queensway North development, to support a mixed use provision of stunning retail and leisure accommodation with accommodation to support 21st Century town centre living.

Its recent partnership with Co-Space, a co-working and office specialist has brought forward over 15,000 sq. ft. of stunning flexible workspace, meeting rooms alongside events and exhibition space, including Stevenage’s first roof top terrace  to support start-ups  and SME’s to connect, collaborate and flourish.

Local Plan Stevenage

Stevenage Borough local Plan 2011 -2031 sets out future plans to support 7,600 new homes, employment space to support future jobs and community facilities.

Stevenage Even Better


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